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Bertoua, a beacon of enlightenment East
Bertoua is not the capital of Cameroon, but it is a city that
account. The erection of this city in Metro January 17, 2008 by Presidential Decree No. 2008/016, is proof
Shortly about our city
palpable that the city was firmly in the broad scope of program "Great Ambitions", advocated by the President of the Republic Paul Biya

And methodically, Bertoua is built through first one led by a Metropolitan Government Delegate to the dynamism unanimously agreed:

pure product of the National School of Administration and Magistracy, Dieudonne Samba intends to be a prophet in him. It does so also with a determination that we did not suspect.
Our press releases
A Bertoua, we act for the happiness of the people, and is indicated for example through projects to beautify the city, urban roads, management of urban space, the construction of the central market, a City Hall and many other infrastructure carriers. The site you visit Bertoua now wish to show that in this urban community, we realized the importance of the capital. You will appreciate over the discovery that you will enjoy. Good appetite ...
J. Kemcha, Celcom of C.U.B.