Located in the equatorial forest, the city is full of Bertoua some tourism potential, even if not sufficiently exploited. Thirty hotels and inns, and more than a dozen agencies intercity. Moreover, Bertoua has a generous nature that offers countless iconic sights.


Bertoua, chief of the department of Lom and Djerem and the Eastern Region, is an urban community created by Presidential Decree No. 2008/016 of 17 January 2008 There are two county boroughs, those of the first and Bertoua Bertoua 2, both Contribute a better translation

created by Decree 25 April 2007 at the same time as the Common Mandjou.
The frame head of the Urban Community Advisers Bertoua based on 12: 5 each of the two county boroughs, plus the two mayors.


Area : 3500 km2
Population : 200,000
Population Growth : 6.5%
Urbanisation : 35%
Sociological components : Gbaya, Maka, Pol, Bamvele, Bamileke, Fulbe, etc..


Founded in the 19th century, owes its name to Bertoua Gbaya MBARTOUA warrior who is recognized as the founder of this city. It will retain between 1840 and 1926 , is a political entity Bertoua traditional;

1907 : Death of Chief Mbartoua after 17 years of reign. A death does one say accidental, because it is due to its refuis to cooperate with the Germans.

1927 : creation of the district of Bertoua;

1 933 : Bertoua became head of the department of Lom and Kadey;

1955 : the mixed community rural Bertoua is created by decree No. 235 of June 7, 1955;

1965 : Burst of Lom and Kadey Department into two departments, and Lom and Djerem Kadey; Bertoua became Chief of the department of Lom and Djerem and also hosts the head- Instead of the Federal Inspectorate of the Administration so far returned to Batouri. The same year Bertoua acquires the status of mixed rural commune January 29, 1977 : the mixed community rural Bertoua broke in two, the common urban and rural municipality;

April 25, 2007 : it is created on the territories of the common urban and rural communes Bertoua Bertoua 1, 2 and Bertoua Mandjou.

January 17, 2008 : the Metropolitan City Bertoua called Bertoua is created and includes the municipalities of Bertoua 1 and 2 Bertoua.