Activities: Prevalence of the administrative function and low industrial function. Existence of some forest companies that have deposits in the city. Among them, CFE, UTA, SIDI, TOK TRANSMAZONIE, etc.. 45% of jobs are available by the administration and 10% by industry

Commercial infrastructure : a central market and two markets devices that relate to the Community most of its direct revenues;

Communication: Bertoua is covered by the networks of three operators

mobile phone that exist in Cameroon in addition to a wired network effectively.
Roads The road Bertoua has 153 km of roads with 28 km asphalt.

Bertoua is connected to Yaounde by road passable throughout the year on its 350 km of paving work nears completion. The condition of this road has resulted in the establishment of Bertoua several travel agencies who constantly improve their fleets and offer very good products for users.

Railway Belabo station 80 km is connected to a tarmac road Bertoua.

Air: there Bertoua an airstrip that is used by private logging companies including.

Tourism: Bertoua has many accommodations including a hotel of three stars, The Mansa Hotel.

The restaurants of the city also called "sites" are worth visiting for their delicious cuisines.


For its first fiscal 2009 budget of the Urban Community of Bertoua amounted to 860,432,568 francs financed by funds of the Community which has no built-in recipe for investment.

Expenditure is divided between the operation to be 66.75% and investment 574.377.770FCFA CFAF 286,054,798 equivalent to 33.25% of the envelope. The 2009 budget has been achieved in 40.67%.

The budget of the Urban Community Bertoua for fiscal 2010 is balanced in revenue and expenditure at the sum of 912,230,823 (nine hundred twelve million two hundred thirty thousand eight hundred and twenty three) CFA francs. Compared to 2009 which forecasts were 860,432,568 francs CFA, the 2010 budget is an increase of 51,798,255 CFA francs in absolute value, or 6.02% in relative value.

Priorities for the operation are granted to traditional wage costs, backlogs and other on progress, subsidies and supports given to various social institutions and the needy, the disposal costs for surveying and cadastral.
As for investment, it places special emphasis on the partial settlement of the debt providers, acquisition of land for the establishment of facilities and investments, the rehabilitation of municipal roads, the landscaping, plazas and greenspace.


The city of Bertoua has a system of water supply which produces about 2000m3 per day. This production is very poor, and the population use alternative resources (boreholes, wells and springs) for more than 80% of needs. The government has plans to build a new processing unit which should increase production to 7000m3 of water per day by 2015.

On energy, the thermal power Bertoua also has a power generation insufficient. But the construction of the dam at Lom Pangar offers great opportunities Bertoua and its region.


Education 11 kindergartens, 30 primary schools, 10 secondary schools including 4 technical schools, 01 private Catholic University
Health A regional hospital, a military hospital, 05 health centers

Training : O1 normal school teachers of general education, 01 National Center for Youth and Sport, 01 Training School of Nursing graduates of state, 01 school training laboratory technicians, 01 Training School Help auxiliaries, 01 multipurpose center, youth development, 01 Center Advancement of Women and the family, several other private training centers.

Culture Two reading centers (Pole ARTCAM and American Corner) set up with foreign cooperation.
Sports Facilities 01 County Stadium (football), 01 Sports Complex in District Tigaza, 01 boules (petanque) The schools have playgrounds and other facilities, such as the Technical High School Gymnasium



  1. Work to beautify the city  :
  2. Layout and Design of roundabouts;
  3. Planting shade trees on the main thoroughfares of the city;
  4. Rehabilitation and construction of parks and green spaces;
  5. Regular weeding of-way, gardens and spaces created;
  6. Important efforts for garbage collection for which a final solution exceeds that of the only ways of the Urban Community of Bertoua
  7. Urban Roads
  8. Rehabilitation of some sections of paved roads on government funding
  9. Clearing Way of the main axes
  10. Elaboration and implementation of plans types of facades
  11. Urban Space Management
  12. Relocation of travel agencies from the urban center to the periphery;
  13. Requirement of building permits for new construction and systematic destruction of slums;
  14. Of reserve land community


  1. Construction of the central market and peripheral markets
  2. Construction of City Hall
  3. Rehabilitation of public lighting
  4. Return of the memory of the city by the erection of monuments
  5. Master of urban space and its growth
All these activities find their fullest expression in the Community Development Plan and Master Plan Director Bertoua which are being developed and whose implementation will require the appropriate time the participation of our partners