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A Bertoua, we act for the happiness of the people, and is indicated for example through projects to beautify the city, urban roads, management of urban space, the construction of the central market, a City Hall and many other infrastructure carriers. The site you visit Bertoua now wish to show that in this urban community, we realized the importance of the capital. You will appreciate over the discovery that you will enjoy. Bon appetite ...

J. Kemcha, Celcom of C.U.B.

  • 1 Government Commissioner assisted by two deputies (not yet named)
    • 1 cell communication and Public Relations
    • Cellule de la coopération et du partenariat ;
    • General Inspectorate of services including service management control and the inspection and audits
    • Recipe municipal
    • Accounting - Contents
    • Municipal Police
  • A secretary general who has under him in addition to the office and mail order,
cell translation of the cell and monitoring the litigation and the IT unit, two divisions
    • Division of Administrative and Financial Affairs;
    • and the Division of Technical Services, Spatial Planning and The Metropolitan Bertoua employs 130 people including 23 contract, 45 and 52 temporary decision. With the Decree No. August 24, 2009 00136/A/MINATD/DCTD of making enforceable standard tables of municipal jobs, the quality of these people will improve. Already, 10 senior civil engineering and topography are being recruited.